Alamagir Mosque, Uttar Pradesh

Alamagir Mosque

Location: Located in Varanasi, the holy city, Alamagir mosque is situated on the banks of River Ganga, extending from Panchganga Ghat to Ram Ghat and is considered as the largest structure located on the river bank.

Description: Alamagir Mosque, also known as Beni Madhav ka Darera, was originally built by Maratha Chieftain Beni Madhav Rao Scindia in the 17th century, but was later rebuilt by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb as a mosque. Initially built in the Vishnu architectural style, the mosque now projects Mughal and Hindu architectural effects. While the Hindu influence can be easily experienced in the lower areas of the mosque, the effect of Muslim architecture is apparent in remaining portions. History states that it is situated on the land where once a temple of Lord Krishna was built. The impressive outlook of Alamagir Mosque attracts many tourists from different parts of the country. Whenever you plan to visit Varanasi, make sure to include Alamagir Mosque in your list. Its domes, pillars and beautiful blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture, leave an everlasting impression on the visitors. One cannot afford to miss this exceptionally beautiful structure.

Activities: Besides being a sacred place, Alamagir Mosque is known for its beauty. Tourists can forget their worries and rejuvenate their mind and soul by relaxing and enjoying the serene ambiance of this beautiful structure.

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