Upasani Maharaj Ashram, Maharashtra

Upasani Maharaj Ashram

Location: About five kilometers away from Shirdi is the Upasani Maharaj Ashram, dedicated to the ardent devotee of Shree Sai Baba. It is located off the Shirdi-Ahmednagar State Highway.

Description: Born as Kashinath Govinrao Upasani, Upasani Maharaj was regarded as a Satguru by his disciples. He started this Upasani Maharaj Ashram, also known as Sakori Ashram, near Shirdi in July 1917. He continued to live in this ashram until he died at the age of 71 on December 24, 1941. Devotees of Sai Baba used to offer daily Aarti to Upasani Maharaj when he used to visit Shirdi two times in a year. There is a peepal tree inside the Ashram and a figure of Ganesh is naturally formed in the tree, known as Chintamani Vinayak. Hindu devotees believe that offering Druva, flowers and 9 circumambulation of tree will fulfill all their wishes.

Activities: Devotees can also see an idol of Dattatreya with single face in the Ashram. The idol is one of its kinds in the world, as other places have the idol of deity with three faces. This is the only Ashram in India where all rites and rituals of a Hindu temple, like Pooja and Homas are observed by ladies. 

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