Annandale, Himachal Pradesh


Location: Located in the Queen of Hills, Shimla, Annandale is a famous helipad, race-course and a playground. It is about 3 km away from the ridge in Shimla.

Description: Elevated at a height of 6227 ft, Annandale looks like a small circular patch about three-quarters in circumference. Tourists are very interested to visit this place linked with many legends and stories.  It is said that Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy was so astonished by the beauty of this place that he named it Annandale after the name of his beloved Anna and added dale to it which means valley. Annandale had been a haunt of Anglo-Indian playful activities, parties, fetes, fairs, etc, since its inception in the year 1830. It became a permanent venue for annual tournaments in 1888, which has now been shifted to Kolkata. During British rule in India, Indian Kings spent a lot of money to improve the sporting arena, Annandale. This picturesque place offers breathtaking views of surroundings and soothing environment.

Activities: During Dussehra festival, an auspicious occasion of Hindus celebrated every year, one can view the tall effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnath on the ground of Annandale. You can also visit some of the nearby attractions like Summer Hill and Jakhu Hill.

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