Gopinath Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Gopinath Temple

Location: Gopinath Temple is one of the highly venerated shrines located on Keshi Ghat in Vrindavan city.

Description: During the Mughal assaults on Vrindavan, the idols of many temples, including Gopinath Temple, were taken to Jaipur so they could be preserved from annihilation. You will find three Pratibhu Murtis or idols now in the shrine, Gopinath in the middle, Jahnava Thakurani on his left side while Lalita Sakhi and Radhika are on his right side in a seated pose. The divine shrine has an interesting story associated with it. A long time ago, when Srimati Jahnava Devi came to worship the deity here and just thought that idol of Radhika should be of apt length as that of Krishna. In night, when she was sleeping, Lord and Radhika came to her dream and asked her to get a deity of an exact size. But instead of this, she made her own idol and told priest to install it. When the priest hesitated to do so, Lord said, place her on my left and Radha on my right. The main shrine was destructed by Mughal rulers twice and the current temple was newly constructed in 1819 AD.

Activities: The Samadhi of Madhu Pandit Goswami is also located bear the shrine, which you can visit after worshipping at Gopinath Temple.

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