Tara Devi Temple, Himachal Pradesh

Tara Devi Temple

Location: Another historic site of great significance, Tara Devi Temple is an ancient temple resting on a hillock in Shimla.  It is located about 11km away from the old bus stand.

Description: Built approximately 250 years ago, Tara Devi Temple is one of the major attractions of Shimla. An interesting legend is associated with the inception of this temple. It is believed that Goddess Tara Devi sanctified the land of Shimla, when she was brought here from eastern Indian state of West Bengal. This is the reason that not only local people, but tourists from all over India visit the temple with great devotion and worship Goddess Tara in the temple. The temple is accessible by a bus or car. If you want to explore the treasure of natural gorgeousness of Shimla, you are recommended to commence your journey to this shrine by means of train, which moves slowly and lets you enjoy every moment of the tour. Abode of Goddess of Stars, Tara Devi Temple offers outstanding views of mountains below. You will certainly get enthused to see Shimla from such a great elevation.

Activities: Besides worshipping in the temple, you can also visit Military Dairy Firm which is situated nearby the temple.

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