Kogi Mata Temple, Naldehra, Himachal Pradesh

Kogi Mata Temple, Naldehra

Location: Situated in incredibly beautiful village of Kogi, Kogi Mata Temple is very near to hill station Naldehra.

Description: Hindu Goddess, Kogi Mata is worshipped in the temple. To get a glimpse of Himachali culture and heritage, you must visit Kogi and explore this vast region, learn about the history and discover religious practices performed here. You will be enthralled to see the grandeur of Kamna Devi temple, located amidst the verdant forests. Fresh air, cool environment, stunning natural beauty and lots of fun, along with the appealing sceneries, make it an ideal place to spend some memorable time. If you are tired of your work schedule then you can visit this tranquil place anytime in a year. Being located in a hilly region, the climate remains pleasant in all seasons throughout the year. You can use the days and evenings to explore the magical areas surrounding the temple.

Activities: Traditional Himachali houses, made of wood, are well-known for their amazing architecture. Besides, you can also explore interesting facts about this place, such as an ancient Hindu tradition that is still followed here. Chowka which is sculpted in wood is made in respect of elders and only they are allowed to sit on this honorable chair.

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