Bon Monastry, Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Bon Monastry, Barog

Location: Located on the Narag-Sarahan Road, Dolanji Bon Monastery is a well-known Tibetan Monastery, situated about 5 km away from Barog, in Himachal Pradesh.

Description: Constructed in the year 1969, Bon Monastery was founded by Lungtok Tenpai Nyima, the 33rd Menri Trizin. Yungdrung Bon Monastery is another name of this monastery, as it is under the control of Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center. This self sufficient monastery is the result of immense hard work put in by Lungtok Tenpai Nyima for a long time of 14 years. Accommodating around 120 monks, this monastery is a thriving center where the traditions and learnings of Tibet are disseminated among disciples. If you want to retreat to a tranquil and sacred place, then you must visit Bon Monastery in Barog. Many devotees from around the country visit this place. The main purpose of this monastery is the perusal of monastic life, education of monks and observing religious ceremonies.

Activities: Bon Monastery remains open around the year and attracts tourists with its rich treasure of beautiful Thangka, which are paintings drawn on cotton or silk. Another popular attraction, which the tourists can enjoy, is the three Bon dances which are performed on New Year eve and other special occasions.

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