Bhadrakali Temple, Arki, Himachal Pradesh

Bhadrakali Temple, Arki

Location: An epitome of medieval architecture, Bhadrakali Temple is one of the most historic temples in Arki, Shimla.

Description: Constructed in the year 1650, Bhadrakali Temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, a fierce form of supreme Goddess Durga. The image of the deity is ghastly but she took this form to liberate the universe from the evil. The shrine was made using Shikhara style of architecture. This temple is also famous as Jakholi Devi Temple among devotees. Marvelous carvings and brilliant structural work attract huge numbers of history lovers and devotees towards this shrine. Bhadrakali is made from two words, Bha means Maya or delusion, Dra means superlative, so Bhadrakali literally means, Mahamaya Kali. The shrine is regarded as one of the Shaktipeeths of Himachal Pradesh. There is a great belief that Goddess Kali fulfills all wishes of her devotees and blesses them with a blissful heart. That is why devotees from far-flung areas visit the temple every year and offer prayers to the main deity of the shrine and believe that all their wishes will come true.

Activities: Worshippers should visit the divine abode of Goddess Kali and offer prayers to the kind-hearted deity, to get rid of pain and stay protected from any kind of detriment.

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