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Location: Vrindavan is undoubtedly dazzling and experiencing its beauty through a ferry-ride in the gleaming water of Yamuna is beyond words.  

Description: Vrindavanis the land of numerous temples and ghats, dedicated to various gods and goddesses. However, it is not a place only for religiously inclined, as boating on its pristine waters is also an activity that is equally enjoyed by visitors and devotees. Bring your voyage in Vrindavan to an end with a pleasurable boat ride in crystal clear water of holy River Yamuna. Uttering Sri Radhe, while cruising through the holy streams of Yamuna, is said to absolve all sins of an individual. You will see many people around the holy river chanting the same words and the ambiance of the holy river echoes with the names of Radhe and Krishna. Boat rides are the best way to admire the landscapes that overlook River Yamuna. While gliding on the still water, you can catch some mesmerizing views of nearby temples and ghats, gleaming with the rays of sun. So, board a ferry and enjoy the panoramic views of beautiful surroundings, as it is a great way to see the beauty of Vrindavan in its full bloom.

Activities: Besides boating, you can also visit the nearby temples dedicated to various deities in Vrindavan.

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