Grave of Barog, Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Grave of Barog, Barog

Location: Memorial of a British Engineer Colonel Barog, Grave of Barog is located about 3 km away from the railway station.

Description: Dating back to 20th century, the foundation of narrow gauge Kalka-Shimla Railway was laid by Colonel Barog as per the orders of government. He initiated digging the tunnel from both the ends to pace up the construction and reduce time consumption. While constructing the tunnel, some errors in the calculation occurred, due to which two ends of tunnel did not meet. As a punishment, British Government asked him to pay a heavy fine. He was feeling so disgraced by the entire incident that he shot himself. His body was cremated at a place close to the incomplete tunnel and thus this area was named after him. It is said that if the tunnel would have been completed, then it would definitely have become the longest tunnel in the world at that time. People from far-flung areas come here and visit the beautiful garden that surrounds this place.

Activities: The best way to reach Barog is by Toy Train. It moves slowly along the mountainous route, flanked by mesmerizing views of landscapes and villages. You can also spend some tranquil moments in the surrounding garden.

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