Shahji Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Shahji Temple

Location: One of the most impressive structures of Vrindavan, Shahji Temple is a famous temple that every devotee must visit in Vrindavan.

Description: Also famed as Saha Bihari Lal Temple, Shahji Temple is a magnum opus of genius architecture in India. Another unique name of this shrine is Tera Khamba, which denotes twisted pillars. As the shrine is made of twisted marbles, thus people call it by this name. The shrine was erected in 1835by the contribution of two brothers, Shah Kundan Lal and Shah Fundan Lal. Rich in quality and unique architecture, the shrine is worth-visiting. The devotion of founders of this temple is exemplary. They did not want to stay apart from Vrindavan even after death, so they decided that their bodies should neither be burned nor the ashes poured in Yamuna but engraved in the shrine only.

Activities: While visiting this place, do see the imposing art of Vasanti Room, adorned with yellow décor. As it is only opened twice in a year, so if you are lucky enough to visit this shrine during Vasant Panchmi and two days before Balram’s Appearance day or Swing festival, you may watch this room.

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