Sericulture Research Institute, West Bengal

Sericulture Research Institute

Location: Located at Kalimpong, Sericulture Research Institute of Silk Breeding is inarguably one of the most renowned tourist destinations in India.

Description: If you have never seen silkworms in your life, then you must visit Sericulture Research Institute which is a successful silk breeding centre. Here visitors can know about the procedures involved in the breeding of silkworms. Silk is everyone’s favorite choice when it comes to shopping for fabric, but have you ever imagined how much care does a farmer has to take when it comes to silk breeding. Besides the cultivation of silk, the centre houses gardens full of mulberry trees and other medicinal herbs. In a region like Sikkim, known for its flora and fauna, the Sericulture Research Institute is truly a dedication for preserving the natural wealth of India.

Activities: The center is accessible around the year and visitors eager to see the breeds of silkworms have the best opportunity to visit between 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Those who love nature must visit this place and know how this center is contributing not only in the preservation of silkworms but supplying medicinal herbs, like Rauvolfia Serpentina, Digitalia, Purpurea, Atropa Acuminta and Atropa Belladonna and lot more, for well-being.

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