Dr. Graham’s Homes, West Bengal

Dr. Graham’s Homes

Location: An educational institute, Dr. Graham’s Homes is located at the beautiful hill station of Kalimpong.

Description: Formally Dr. Graham’s Homes was known as St. Andrew’s Colonial Homes and was established in 1900 by a missionary, Dr. John Anderson Graham who worked with the local community during the 20th century. Dr. Graham always dreamt of building an institute for the abandoned and orphaned Anglo-Indian children. His love for children made him realize his dream. St. Andrew’s Colonial Home was thus founded with six children and a widowed mother. The children were raised from their teenage years till adolescence and were also offered employment. Young people at the home were given an opportunity to achieve their aims and become successful and effective contributors. This home is spread over an area of 400 acres which makes it seem like a miniature town. The home is self sufficient and produces its own food. 

Activity: While at the Graham’s home tourists can visit the rich culture of the 20th century. This place also houses a museum which gives an insight of the lifestyle of Dr. Graham. People who like to know more about this place can visit the memorial chapel and enrich their knowledge. Religiously inclined tourists can also mark a visit to the church which is present inside the complex.

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