Hiking, West Bengal


Location: A lot of tourists plan to indulge in adventure activities while on a vacation and hiking is one of the most preferred activities at Kalimpong.

Description: Hiking at Kalimpong can be tried by amateur as well as experienced hikers, as the region offers mild to medium challenges. Hikers can start their journey from the down valley as experienced guides are ready to help them. Tourists can also avail expert tips from the guides to scale the mighty mountains. The rough hilly terrains and the dense forests add to the enjoyment of the hikers. While scaling high peaks, tourists can also stay at the mountain village and enjoy themselves amongst local populace. The activity of hiking can be undertaken for short or long duration, as per your convenience. The shorter routes can be covered in some hours while hikers can trek their way on longer routes in some days.

Activity: After feeling the adrenaline rush with hiking, tourists can feast on the local delicacies. The sumptuous meals can be enjoyed with the family or friends after a tiring day. Tourists can also visit different attractions while scaling the peaks. So if you are looking forward to make your vacations exciting, remember to include hiking in your itinerary.

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