St Theresa Church, West Bengal

St Theresa Church

Location: Amazing blend of Buddhist and Cathedral style of architecture, St Theresa Church is a remnant of bygone eras, located in Kalimpong.

Description: One of the most fascinating structures in Sikkim, the St Theresa Church is believed to be created by the local craftsmen. The origin of this centuries old church is said to be in 1890 during British rule. Vacationers coming to Sikkim are always enthusiastic to see the architecture of this astonishing structure. Giving an appearance of monastery to the spectators, the church seems to be designed using Tibetan architecture long time ago.  Historical cathedral like this one in Kalimpong is truly rich in history and a piece of curiosity for archaeological buffs and history lovers. One feature that will definitely mesmerize you is the woodcarvings adorning the walls of this church depicting biblical scenes. You may also see some old paintings in the Catholic Church. After observing this beautiful church, come out and enjoy picturesque views of Himalaya ranges. All believers of God are welcomed in the church, irrespective of the religion they follow.

Activities: Thongsha Gompa and Tharpa Choeling Gompa, well known for their architecture, are two other old structures that one must visit in Kalimpong.

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