Neora National Park, West Bengal

Neora National Park

Location: Situated at a height of 10,000 feet above the sea level, Neora National Park is located in the Kalimpong Hills in the district of Darjeeling, West Bengal. The park shares a border with Western Bhutan in its east and the forest of Sikkim in the North.

Description: Established in 1986, Neora National Park is spread over an area of 88 square kilometers. Considered to be a pristine park of Kalimpong, it is rich in flora and fauna. Most of the part of Neora National Park is untouched because of thick forests that make it difficult for even the sunlight to touch the ground. Lush green valleys, dense bamboo groves, rivers, streams and snow covered mountains in the backdrop of the park offer a picturesque view. Neora River that flows through Neora National Park is the major source of water for Kalimpong town. Besides being a home to Red Panda, one of the most endangered species, the park is bestowed with a wide variety of beautiful butterflies that provide a refreshing view to the eyes. Krishna Peacock and Kaiser-I-Hind are among the most attractive and beautiful butterflies that can be found here. All this makes it an adventurous place for tourists and nature lovers.

Activities: Adventures seekers can explore the still-unknown areas of the park. Tourists can indulge in trekking and take a walk along the rivers to enjoy the magnificent natural beauty that persists around.

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