Radha Raman Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Radha Raman Temple

Location: An eminent attraction of the holy land of Vrindavan, Radha Raman Temple is a temple of early modern period, dedicated to supreme Lord Krishna.

Description: Krishna is known by diverse names in each and every temple of Vrindavan. Radha Raman also refers to Krishna, as he is the one who gives happiness to his beloved Radha. Established around 1542 AD by Gopala Bhatta Goswami, the temple is a fine example of ancient art. The remarkable structure enshrines a form of Lord Krishna alongside Radharani. The temple also houses Shilas of Goswami that he found in the Kali-Gandaki River in Nepal. The deity in this temple is believed to be manifested from one of his Shaligrams Shilas. It is said that this incident took place on a full moon day called Poornima, of April or May month in the year 1542. Hence, this day is regarded as an auspicious occasion by devotees and celebrated with great fervor. The shrine is the most unique among other shrines in Vrindavan. Here, a crown is kept near the idol of Lord Krishna. There is no idol of Radha but this holy crown signifies the presence of Radha Rani in the shrine.

Activities: Radha Raman Temple is a must visit place for the devotees of Sri Krishna. There are many other temples as well, like Sri Ranganath temple, which one should visit in Vrindavan.

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