Flower Nurseries, West Bengal

Flower Nurseries

Location: The city of Kalimpong is a flower growing hub and houses various species of flowers. Flower nurseries, with their vibrant appearance, make this place look even more beautiful.

Description: Kalimpong is considered as a major flower exporter and about 80% of the flowers are exported from the city. Exotic flowers, such as Anthuriums, Amaryllis Lilies, Gladiolias, orchids, Gerbera and cactus are readily available at different flower nurseries. Therefore, if you are a flower lover then you can spend some of your time amidst different species of flowers and can even buy them as well. Some of the important flower nurseries of the region include Ganesh Moni Pradhan Nursery, Vrindavan Gardens, Universal Nursery, Midland Nursery and U.C. Pradhan Orchid Nursery. A visit to these nurseries can help the tourists to enrich their knowledge regarding different species of flowers.

Activity: During the monsoon season, these nurseries are filled with different hues and present a beautiful view. After visiting different nurseries, tourists can indulge in shopping of various goods which are readily present in the local market. Different items from these shops can be bought at reasonable prices. In addition, tourists can also visit various attractions which lie in the vicinity of flower nurseries.

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