Donbosco Church, Mirik, West Bengal

Donbosco Church, Mirik

Mirik is a famous tourist destination because of its scenic beauty which attracts a number of people and Donbosco Church is a popular attraction here. This is a must visit place for people who come to Mirik, which is the commercial hub for the nearby villages as they sell and buy the goods from Mirik only. Thus this place is of great importance for the Darjeeling district.

Primarily it is the religious places in Mirik which are quite famous. Donbosco Church of Mirik is a famous tourist destination. The church is situated very close to Don Bosco School. This Church is the most attractive and largest Catholic Churches in the entire Darjeeling area. Tourists from all over India who visit Darjeeling also like to visit this shrine and offer prayers to the almighty in order to get blessing from the divine. Mirik possesses all the amenities of a modern day village, so visiting this place is very comfortable.

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