Sericulture Research Institute, Kalimpong, West Bengal

Sericulture Research Institute, Kalimpong

Sericulture Research Institute serves as a reputed center for performing research in the field of sericulture and silkworm breeding is also done here. This centre provides facilities to the farmers to get involved in sericulture. This institute helps in making the farmers aware of the process of growing Mulberry trees and breeding silkworm, where they try to develop expertise of the farmers to perform these tasks. Moreover, the institute buys the silkworm cocoons from the peasants and provides them a good method of making money from sericulture. Visiting this institute one can get a chance to see the various processes employed in silkworm production and a firsthand experience in the methodologies involved in sericulture can be obtained. Thus this is a very useful centre for the farmers. Breeding silkworm is a very efficient way of making use of the natural resources available with us and this institute is doing a commendable job by encouraging this practice.

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