Mahunag Temple, Naldehra, Himachal Pradesh

Mahunag Temple, Naldehra

Location: Located in the heart of famous Naldehra Golf Course, Mahunag Temple is one of its kinds in Naldehra.

Description: The primary deity of the temple is Lord Mahu Nag. According to Hindu mythology, Mahu Nag is regarded as the serpent Lord Anant Shesha. Situated at a height of 1830m, the Mahu Nag temple attracts huge number of visitors with its Himachali style of architecture. It is believed that Lord Vishnu rested on Anant Shesha. During the birth of Shri Krishna, a form of Lord Vishnu, Anant Shesha especially came to save his life from thunderstorm. Anant Shesha is said to be a 1000 headed snake, famous with numerous names all over India such as Adishesha, Sheshnag and many more. Even the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva is always represented with a snake around his neck. It is believed that worshipping the Lord helps the devotees to gain knowledge, wealth and fame. It is a tranquil and scared place that one must visit in Naldehra.

Activities: Nag Panchmi is an important Hindu festival associated with serpent God, which takes place on fifth day of Shravana as per Hindu calendar. On this occasion, devotees offer milk to the idol of Lord Anant Shesha.

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