Luturu Mahadev Temple, Arki, Himachal Pradesh

Luturu Mahadev Temple, Arki

Location: Arki is blessed with many historic temples and Luturu Mahadev Temple is one of the well-preserved religious sites that one must visit. It is about 4 km away from Arki.

Description: Constructed by the King of Baghal in 1621, Luturu Mahadev Temple is located in a majestic location at the top of a hill.  You must visit the impressive temple, which is an existing evidence of the legacy of brave Rajputs. Plenty of wonderful sights are available for photography enthusiasts here. You will be astonished to see the great height at which the shrine is located and the backbreaking efforts made by people to build it. There is a great legend behind the creation of this temple. It is believed that God Shiva appeared in the dream of King Baghal and advised him to make this temple. That is how, Shivling, a form of Lord Shiva was installed in the temple. Since its foundation, devotees from all around India visit Arki to get a sight of the divine Lord Shiva. Though it is not easy to get to the shrine but due to great devotion and blessings of God Shiva, devotees do not face any obstacles in their journey. The picturesque shrine is easily visible from the vicinity.

Activities: Besides regular religious activities,Shivratri, a Hindu festival, is annually celebrated in the temple with great grandeur and euphoria.

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