Kanchenjunga, West Bengal


Kanchenjunga ranks as the third highest mountain peak in the world, while Mount Everest remains the highest. Kanchenjunga is 8586 m above the sea level and it comprises of five peaks. Observing Kanchenjunga from the Observatory hill one gets a notion that the mountain is a tranquil and composed hill full of snow.

Actually this mountain witnesses avalanches of ice and rocks a number of times. Direct route to this mountain is not available and one needs to follow indirect routes, possibly starting ascending from any one of the peaks and then discovering some place for camping and then again starting the ascending process. Viewing the picturesque beauty of this place is a delight for the eyes. Ascending this mountain is very hard and involves a lot of patience, hard work and courage, but for people who manage to do so, this adventure becomes a memorable event of their life.

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