Badamtam Tea Estate, West Bengal

Badamtam Tea Estate

A 150 year old tea company named Lebong Tea Company was the original owner of Badamtam tea estate. The British owned and governed this tea estate, which is situated across the River Rangit. This estate is so big that it will take around half a day to travel through it on foot. This estate comes in between the hiking route from Darjeeling to Glenburn. First level tea, which charges the entire tea estate with sweet taste and nice odor, can be bought from here. The Buddha of Badamtam is worth watching; it is tall statue of Buddha around 14 feet high. Buddha’s eyes are open in this statue unlike the other statues of Lord Buddha which present a closed eye Buddha. The open eyes mean that lord is looking towards the gods above, having obtained enlightenment. This tea estate is an important destination as far as the Darjeeling tourism is concerned.

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