Vaital Deul Temple, Orissa

Vaital Deul Temple

Located near the Bindu Sarovar, Vaital Deul Temple was constructed in 8th century. Main deity that is worshiped in this temple is Chamunda, who is the tantric form of Goddess Durga. Depicted by a protruded bright red tongue, Chamundi Devi is also seen wearing a necklace made with skulls.

A striking feature of this temple remains the shape of the deul, which means “tower”. The deul is oblong in shape while rectangular shape is given to the Jaga Mohan. The outer walls, carved with figures of Hindu deities mostly show the images of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

The temple’s entrance is decked up with a lingam that is four faced and has beautiful carvings. The images of god Surya adorn the eastern face of the towers. This temple is acknowledged for its fine architecture and large numbers of devotees visit it to offer their prayers to Chamundi Devi.

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