Raj Rani Temple, Orissa

Raj Rani Temple

Built out of red gold sandstone, this 11th century temple is unique because there is no presiding deity; hence no puja is offered here. It is regarded as one of the finest examples of Orissa style of temple architecture but it differs from other architectural style commonly seen in other temples.

Locally this temple is famous as “love temple” because of the beautiful carvings of couples and women in the premises of this marvelous temple. Built on a raised platform, according to the Pahcratha style, it consists of two structures - one is the central sanctum and the other is the viewing hall.

According to historians, this temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the ancient times as the upper platform was found to be carved like a lotus flower. The pillars are decorated with beautiful carvings of lions, nymphs and elephants. By visiting this place a person can get a view flourishing beauty of the sculptures of ancient times.

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