Parasurameswara Temple, Orissa

Parasurameswara Temple

Built in Nagara style during 650 AD, the Parasurameswara temple is considered as one of the oldest temples that have been preserved till date. This temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva and thus on the outer walls beautiful carvings of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha , goddess Parvati and various other Gods are present. Various carvings that depict the Puranic stories also adorn the walls.  

One thousand Lingams that are placed in the North West side of the temple remain a unique attraction of this temple. A large number of devotees and tourists visit this place, as it is regarded as one of the important temples of Lord Shiva.

This is a must visit place for tourists, who have an interest in ancient style of architecture, as this temple is adorned with beautiful carvings that depict different stories. An interesting carving shows king Ravana being thrown down by Lord Shiva, when the former tried to uproot the resting place of Lord Shiva, which is mount Kailasa.

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