Mukteswara Temple, Orissa

Mukteswara Temple

Dating back to 10th century, Mukteswara Temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva and is regarded as an important monument. It is considered as a specimen of the modern and ancient school of Kalinga architecture. Located in the heart of the city, it is well known for its exquisite carvings and beautiful sculptures.

Artistic working style of Hindus, Buddhists and Jains is reflected in the carvings on the walls of the temple and particularly in the hall. A beautifully decorated entrance represents an architectural marvel of the ancient time. At a height of 35 ft. this huge structure is built with the help of sandstone. Stories of Panchatantra and images of various animals decorate the walls of this temple.

A visit to this temple is a must, while on a trip to Bhubaneswar, because the best of Oriyan architecture can be seen here. Tourists can also offer their prayers to the deity and seek his blessings.

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