ISKCON Temple, Orissa


Situated in the heart of the city of Bhubaneswar, ISKCON temple houses idols of different deities, such as Lord Krishna, Gauri Nithai, Balram and Jagannath. The main focus of this temple remains towards educating people through spiritual knowledge. They propagate the teachings of Krishna and different techniques that are required to follow a spiritual lifestyle.

Beliefs of the temple remain that the soul is a part of the godhead Krishna; therefore they ask their followers to chant the name of god. Bhajan and kirtan are organized on regular basis in the temple that showcases the ideology of famous ISKCON movement. Janmashtami which is regarded as lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated with enthusiasm here.

A visit to this temple relaxes a person. A new Temple known as Radha-Krishna mandir is constructed near the ISKCON temple for the Krishna and Radha devotees. Anyone is allowed to enter the ISKCON temple to pay homage to Lord Krishna.

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