Brahmeshwara Temple, Orissa

Brahmeshwara Temple

An ancient monument, Brahmeshwara Temple is believed to be built around 11th century and is located near the town of Bhubaneswar. Being surrounded by smaller temples, Brahmeshwara still remains the main temple. Shivaling remains the main deity of this temple, while a number of idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi are also placed inside the shrine.

The exteriors and interiors of this temple are richly carved with lot of inscriptions and sculptures. Traditional architectural styles of wood carving were used to build this temple, as after building a pyramid, the structure has been carved outside and inside to give an interesting shape to the temple.

The beautiful sculptures present here are a well known feature of the Orissa style of architecture. Figures of Hindu gods and goddesses are used to decorate the exteriors of the temple. A visit to this temple relaxes a person as the calm ambiance is perfect to get peace of mind.

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