Bindu Sarovara, Orissa

Bindu Sarovara

Bindu Sarovara is also known as “Ocean Drop Tank” and is regarded as a sacred place that is situated near well known temples of Bhubaneswar. The water in this lake is believed to contain drops of water that comes from all the holy tanks, pools and rivers which are present across the country.  

Bindu Sarovara is placed in vicinity of the famous Anantra Vasudeva temple and the Lingaraja Temple. During Ashokashtami festival in the Lingaraja temple, a ritual of taking the statue of main deity to the Sarovara for a bath is quite famous. This ritual has increased the popularity of this temple manyfold.

Many stories are famous that tell about the history of this Sarovara. It is believed that a dip in this holy Sarovara treats all the aliments of a person. Therefore when on a trip to Bhubaneswar this tank remains on the must visit list of travelers.

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