Naval Museum, Andhra Pradesh

Naval Museum

Location: Also known as Swarna Jyoti Museum, Naval Museum is an amazing building situated in ENC complex in the city of Visakhapatnam.

Description: Naval museum was constructed in the year 1989 and displays the history of Indian Maritime. On display are various equipments, pictures, models of warships and other items that offer an insight of the rich culture of India. In addition, this museum also displays naval heritage that belongs to the pre independence era. Different segments of the museum are named as Eastern Seaboard Ports and Establishments, Maritime History, Aquaria, Ocean Resources and Naval Archives. Artifacts having archaeological and historic significance are also portrayed by the museum. These artifacts belong to various civilizations, including Indus Valley civilization and Harappa civilization. This museum helps the tourists to enrich their knowledge, making it a must visit attraction while on a trip to Visakhapatnam.

Activities: After visiting this museum, which is dedicated to Indian Navy, tourists can also plan a trip to the nearby attractions. Religiously inclined tourists can visit different temples to seek lord’s blessing while nature lovers can visit various hills to enjoy the lush green beauty of the region. A trip to this destination can help a person to get a little closer to the history and legacy of Indian Navy.

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