Bojjana Konda, Andhra Pradesh

Bojjana Konda

Location: Bojjana Konda is a Buddhist excavation site which is placed on a mount lying in the Sankaram village, located near the city of Visakhapatnam.

Description: This heritage site is believed to be constructed about 2000 years ago. Bojjana Konda is an eastern hill which is covered with the help of different monolithic stupas that surround the Maha Stupa. The dome of the Maha Stupa is constructed out of bricks. The stupa also houses a lingam made out of stone. According to archaeological sources, an image of Goddess Hariti was found on the foot of the hills. Tourists visiting this place can view the architectural remains belonging to Buddhist period. This place is well known for housing enchanting stupas of Buddha in different postures. Different variety of materials, which were used during the 1900 AD, can also be viewed by the visitors.

Activities: After visiting this historical sight, tourists can indulge in eating local food. The food which is prepared by different eateries offers true taste of the region. Tourists can also buy various items that have been put up on display by the local shops. These items are reasonably priced and help the tourists to explore the culture of the city.

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