Matsyadarshini Aquarium, Andhra Pradesh

Matsyadarshini Aquarium

Location: A beautiful aquarium with over 20 species of marine animals and fishes, Matsyadarshini Aquarium was established on Ramakrishna beach shore in Visakhapatnam.

Description: Matsyadarshini aquarium is run by the municipal corporation of Visakhapatnam and was established in the year 2002. On display at the aquarium are various fresh water fishes which include butterfly fish, peacock wrasse, long horn cow fish, clown fish, sweet lip rabbit fish, electric ray and many more. This aquarium also houses various marine invertebrates which are not usually seen in the country. Starfishes in different colors, carpet anemones, sea anemones and tentacle anemones present a beautiful sight as well. The latest addition to the aquarium is the magnificent green arowana which adds beauty to the place. The 7 year old silver arowana is one of the most expensive possessions of the aquarium. Visitors, especially fish lovers, can enjoy themselves to the maximum at this place. Moving arbitrarily in the water, these fishes present a fascinating sight behind the glass of the aquarium.

Activities: At this place, tourists can enrich their knowledge about the marine animals by attending the movie show which is held regularly at the complex. Tourists can also mark a visit to the Kashmir Emporium which has recently been started in the ground floor of the complex.

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