Manjathal Santuary, Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Manjathal Santuary, Solan

Location: Manjathal Sanctuary, located in the heart of verdant forests and mountains, is a well-known place to see Himalayan wildlife in the natural habitat.

Description: The Manjathal Sanctuary beautifully spreads over an area of 55,670 km. The woodland offers a great chance for visitors to experience some of the unique Himalayan flora and fauna. Not only animal lovers but birdwatchers are also welcome to explore lovely avifauna here. It is distinctly set, so you can closely get a sight of endearing wildlife including gorals and goats. Do not miss to see the various species of colorful birds, such as the Cheer Pheasant, as well as many species which are on the verge of extinction can also be spotted here. Set in a beautiful natural environment, Manjathal Sanctuary offers a great benefit for people to make a bond with nature and its lovely creatures. It is playing a great role in saving the treasure of endangered species of animals and birds. To protect it from noise and traffic, the area is kept far away from hustle-bustle of the city.

Activities: You are allowed to click photographs in the sanctuary but make sure you do not disturb the animals. Maintaining silence and observing the activities of creatures is the best way to catch some natural shots.

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