War Memorial, Andhra Pradesh

War Memorial

Location: War Memorial alternatively called as Victory at Sea is situated in Vizag and is located on the left side of the famous beach road. This memorial also faces the famous submarine museum.

Description: Visakhapatnam is a fast growing city and attracts tourists from all over the world. With the presence of various attractions, a person is bound to gain enough knowledge about the history of this place. War Memorial is one such attraction, constructed to honor great soldiers who lost their lives at the country’s border while protecting country’s integrity. Established in the year 1971, this memorial also commemorates the victory that India gained over Pakistan during the famous war that took place at sea. A visit to this memorial would help tourists to understand the hardships faced by soldiers who give up their today in order to protect country’s future. Various items have been put up on display in this memorial, which include bombs, missiles, tanks and a fighter plane. So while in this beautiful city, remember to visit the war memorial and salute the brave soldiers who have lost their lives to protect the citizens of the country.

Activities: The pyramid like structure is the main attraction of the place. Apart from that tourists can also have a look at the T-55 tank which was once used by the Indian army.

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