Paragliding, Maharashtra


Location: At a distance of 16 km lies an area known as Kamshet and one of the main attractions of this region remains paragliding. Surrounded by sunflower and paddy fields, Kamshet can be reached easily by road, as well as by rail.

Description: People who have interest in adventurous activities can enjoy paragliding with their family or friends at Kamshet. Paragliding offers a person the opportunity to fly high in the sky. Kamshet has emerged as the number one destination for experiencing this sport. Visitors can soar high in the sky with the help of different paragliding services that are provided to them. With medium rising hills and large landing spaces, an amateur pilot can also indulge in this activity. At Kamshet, travelers are provided with sufficient training along with proper gear and equipments so that the adventurous sport can be enjoyed to the maximum. So while on a trip to Lonavala, never forget to visit this place.

Activities: Along with paragliding, tourists can also indulge in a number of other activities. They can explore the sleepy villages and take a look at the houses that are made up in traditional ways. While travelers can stay at Lonavala, they can mark a visit to Kamshet just for entertainment purposes.

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