Sudhagadh fort, Maharashtra

Sudhagadh fort

Location: Located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Sudhagadh fort lies at a distance of about 26 km to the south of the hill station of Lonavala. This fort is present at an altitude of 2030 ft above the sea level.

Description: A marvelous building, Sudhagadh fort was constructed in the 2nd century BC and was named as Bhrorapgad, after the presiding deity. However in the year 1657, this fortress was taken over by the Maratha rulers and was renamed to its present name. This fort houses various temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva and goddess Bhoraidevi. Three gates lead to this fort and the biggest among the three gates is known as Maha Darwaza. From this fort, travelers can get a clear view of other forts, such as Taila Baila, Koregad and Dhangad. The fort can also be approached from various other routes. The then Maratha rulers have made some secret routes, which were used by them to reach a safe and secured spot. Various local guides are also present to help the tourists in having a look around the fort.

Activities: Amongst the tourists this fort is gaining popularity as a trekking destination. Easy and difficult treks are present here, which can be chosen according to a person’s physical fitness and his experiencing in trekking.

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