Kaivalyadhama Health and Yoga Research Centre, Maharashtra

Kaivalyadhama Health and Yoga Research Centre

Location: The famous spiritual and scientific centre, Kaivalyadhama Health and Yoga Research Centre is located in the city of Lonavala in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Several branches of this center are also present in France, United States and different parts of India.

Description: Abbreviated as Kdham, Kaivalyadhama Health and Yoga Research Centre aims at coordinating ancient yogic art with the modern day science. This charitable trust receives its funds from the Indian government. Established by Swami Kuvalayananda in the year 1924, this centre was used by him to intensify his research in yogic art. Kdham is spread over an area of 170 acres and its campus primarily consists of 8 buildings, which house 5 different departments. At a given time, the building can house 150 students. Vegetarian Ayurvedic meals are served to the staff, faculty and students. Visitors can also indulge in spa like treatments in the naturopathy center.

Activities: At Kdham, a person can get cured from various physical problems with the help of Ayurvedic treatments. He can also take part in various lectures and asanas to feel relaxed from worldly stress. Custom made programs are available for patients suffering from some serious illness. So, visit this center to regain health in a natural way.

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