Fishing, Maharashtra


Location: Lonavala houses a large number of artificial lakes. Travelers can indulge in the activity boating and fishing in different lakes such as Tungarli, Pawna and Bushy. Being popular destinations, these lakes can be reached conveniently.

Description: An angler’s paradise, Lonavala offers a number of options for trying your hand at fishing. The best time for indulging in this activity is early mornings. Fishing gears are readily available for the people who want to experience angling just for fun. The fishing community, called Koli, lives in Lonavala and the state is well known as the centre of carrying out various fishing activities. Known for their friendly nature, local fishermen are always happy to help their visitors in carrying out the task of fishing. Different species of fish can be sighted easily in different dams and lakes. By visiting Lonavala, a tourist can get to know more about the lifestyle and culture of the local fishermen.

Activities: After fishing, a person can also shop around for local goods that are readily available at Lonavala Bazaar, Khandala Market, Naval complex and various other markets. People who love to try various cuisines can taste local food at different restaurants which serve delicious food at reasonable rates.

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