Tung Fort, Maharashtra

Tung Fort

Location: Tung Fort lies at a distance of 12 km from the Malawli station and can be accessed by the tourists conveniently from Lonavala. Present at an altitude of 1075 m, Tung Fort is enclosed by water from three sides. With the help of a boat, travelers can reach Tungi, the base village, from Pawna dam.

Description: Also known as Kathingad Fort, this place offers a number of challenges to its visitors. Tung fort was constructed before 1600 CE. This place was built under the supervision of rulers belonging to Adil Shahi dynasty; however for most of the time this fortress remained under the rule of Shivaji. At a given time, the Tung Fort can only hold 200 troops; therefore this fort was mainly used as a watch tower rather than a place to fight war from. From the top of the fortress, a person can get a marvelous view of the surrounding regions. The conical and sharp peak of the fort makes it an outstanding landmark of this region. The fort is adorned by innumerous bastions and a water reservoir.

Activities: Tung Fort attracts the attention of history enthusiasts and photography buffs alike. So if you like visiting historical monuments, then this is the place to mark a visit at. Therefore never miss this attraction while on a trip to the city.

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