Shreevardhan Fort, Rajmachi, Maharashtra

Shreevardhan Fort, Rajmachi

Location: Located on the eastern side of the well known Rajmachi fort, Shreevardhan Fort is one of the two forts that are present in the Rajmachi fortress. This fort is situated in Sahyadri ranges, at a distance of 8.5 km from the heart of the Lonavala city and at an altitude of 3000 ft.

Description: The history of this fort is related to the Marathas. Constructed according to the Maratha architecture style, the Shreevardhan Fort depicts the royal lifestyle of the Maratha rulers. The entrance of the fort is designed in the shape of a semi circle. This fort was built on the pinnacle of a peak, in order to keep an eye on the activities that were taking place downhill. From the fort, a person can get a beautiful view of the surrounding hilly terrains, as well as of the lush green landscapes. The fortress also houses some water tanks and alluring caves of Buddha. The tanks remain filled with water all around the year and were the sole suppliers of water to the fort. Monsoon showers increase the beauty of the Shreevardhan Fort many fold.

Activities: Tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of different forts that lie in the vicinity. Religiously inclined tourists can mark a visit to the Bhairavnath temple, which is dedicated to lord Shiva. This temple is thronged by devotees throughout the year, as they come to pray for their wellness.

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