Rajmachi Fort, Khandala, Maharashtra

Rajmachi Fort, Khandala

Location: Rajmachi Fort is situated on the route that leads to Lonavala from Khandala and is situated at a distance of 20 km from the city. Tourists who wish to reach this well known fort can also follow the trekking route that starts from the Tungarli Lake.

Description: Standing tall on two peaks, Manranjan and Shreevardhan, Rajmachi fort is believed to house two different forts. A small plateau is said to lie between the peaks and acts as a connecting link. The fort that lies on the peak Shreevardhan is called as “Bale Killa” and is located at an altitude of 3000 ft, while the fort which lies on the Manranjan peak is at an altitude of 2700 ft. Both of these forts were constructed to keep an eye on the activities of Konkan area. From the Rajmachi fort, tourists can enjoy an aerial view of the village of Rajmachi. With the monsoon showers, the hamlet looks splendid with beautiful streams and green landscapes.

Activities: A must visit place for people who love history and nature, Rajmachi fort offers marvelous view of different rivers that flow downhill. Nature enthusiasts can indulge in sightseeing at various popular spots, along with exploring the rich flora of this region. 

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