Lohagad Fort, Maharashtra

Lohagad Fort

Location: Present at an altitude of 3400 ft above the sea level, Lohagad Fort is located on the Sahyadri ranges. This fort divides Indrayani basin and Pavna basin.

Description: Literally, the word “Lohagad” means “Iron fort” and this was amongst the most important forts, which were used by Chhatrapati Shivaji. This fortress has an extensive history as it was used by the rulers of various dynasties, who ruled Maratha and Vidharbha kingdoms. The exact date of construction of the fort is still unknown; however, archeologists believe that it might have been built in the 18th century. Four doorways lead to the Lohagad fort from the village which lies in the vicinity. These gates, namely Hanuman Darwaza, Ganesh Darwaza, Maha Darwaza and the Narayan Darwaza, are carved with beautiful sculptures. Under the leadership of Netaji Palkar, loot which was brought from the city of Surat was kept at this place for some time. A place of great interest for archeologists, historians and architectures, Lohagad fort attracts tourists all around the year. 

Activities: With the presence of a number of forts and other beautiful attractions in the vicinity, this place offers tourists plenty of options to enjoy an enriching trip. Once a home to Buddhist monks, Bhaja caves attract the attention of large number of Buddhist devotees along with the tourists.

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