Karla Caves, Maharashtra

Karla Caves

Location: Lying at a distance of 4 km to the north of Malavli station, Karla caves are regarded as an ideal picnic spot. These caves can be accessed easily as they are located on the Pune- Mumbai highway.

Description: Karla caves are known to house India’s biggest cave temple. These caves are a complex structure of ancient Buddhist rock cut shrines and the oldest shrine is believed to be established in 160 BC.  These cave complexes are protected by Archaeological Survey of India. Built on a hillside, the complex has the rocks cut into large windows, so as to allow light in the caves. However, the most important feature of the cave remains the beautifully carved chaitya, which dates back to 1st century BC. Interiors of the hall are exquisitely carved with the figures of males and females, along with the images of animals.

Activities: A trip to Karla cave can be a memorable experience for history lovers. These caves give a glimpse of the style of architecture that was followed in the pre historic era. Tourists can also mark a visit to the Ekvira temple that lies in the vicinity of the caves. So plan a trip to experience the calm as well as mystical ambiance of the caves.

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