Bhaja Caves, Maharashtra

Bhaja Caves

Location: Lying at a short distance from Lonavala, Bhaja Caves can be reached easily by foot from the famous Karla caves. These caves are situated on a hill that lies near the Bhaja village.

Description: An important Buddhist center, Bhaja Caves date back to the 2nd century BC. Basically, a collection of 22 rock cut caves, inscriptions on the caves and the main temple is protected by Archaeological Survey of India as a National Monument. The most imposing monument in the caves is the Chaityagriha, which is a large shrine. The entrance of the shrine is shaped in the form of horseshoe. Some of the inscriptions that are present within the shrine confirm the date of origin of the temple. Interiors of the caves are carved with beautiful sculptures of females wearing elaborated jewelry, headgears and garlands. Some carvings also show a woman dancing and another playing a table. The most notable feature of the caves is the group of 14 stupas. These stupas are artifacts of resident monks and display name of three prominent monks.

Activities: Tourists can enjoy themselves among the green landscapes and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. At these hilly terrains, adventure enthusiasts can also try their hand at trekking.  

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