Arki Palace, Arki, Himachal Pradesh

Arki Palace, Arki

Location: Located on the milieu of a stunning citadel, Arki Palace is the most famous majestic structures in Shimla.

Description: Built by Raja Prithvi Singh, Arki Palace is still as magnificent as it was in the past. A visit to Arki Palace is like travelling back into the royal era of 18th century, to which the palace belongs. The paintings exhibited in the palace represent some of the most spectacular aspects of majestic and glorious past. Gorgeous frescos of Arki Kalam style present in Arki Palace grab the attention of visitors from far and wide. You will be captivated by the intricately designed roofs and motifs depicting various themes of topical importance. Frescos and wall art demonstrate a charming blend of breathtaking beauty. The exterior is just as impressive and historically significant as the interior of the palace. During night, when illuminated by the soft glow of moon and amazing chandeliers, the whole palace looks like a piece of heaven on earth.

Activities: Enjoy a tour and explore this lovely palace with its hosts of attractive frescos and medieval architecture. Photography enthusiasts can have a great opportunity to capture the spectacular views of snow clad mountains and serene Himalayan region in their cameras from the palace.

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