Vajra Bhairava Shrine,

Vajra Bhairava Shrine

Location: The acclaimed Vajra Bhairava Shrine is situated 10 km away from Leh and is amongst the most visited shrines in the area. With the help of shared taxis or jeeps, travelers can easily reach this sacred shrine.

Description: Also known as “Temple of Horrors”, it is believed that the temple is inhabited by a large number of violent deities. Along with religious importance, it is the beauty of this temple that lures its visitor. This temple is dedicated to tantric guardian deity of yellow hat order or Gelug-pa. It is believed by the local residents that the presiding deity possesses some supernatural power; therefore devotees in large number throng this shrine. The shrine which was constructed in the 15th century, houses a collection of ancient masks, Thangkas, antique arms and icons. The interiors as well as the exteriors of the temple, which are exquisitely painted, are admired by art lovers and devotees alike.

Activities: Tourists can explore other attractions that lie in the vicinity. Spiritually inclined people can visit various temples and monasteries that have made the city of Leh popular. Held in the month of January¸ the annual festival, which unveils different statues of Lord Buddha, attracts tourists from all over the country.

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