Serzang Temple,

Serzang Temple

Location: Lying in the Basgo village, Serzang temple is located adjacent to royal quarters in Leh district. Tourists can easily reach this sacred shrine by travelling through the Leh-Srinagar Highway.

Description: With the help of metals, such as gold and copper, Serzang Temple was constructed in the 17th century. What increases the beauty of this holy shrine is the 30 feet high statue of Lord Buddha. This temple also houses different mural paintings such as Marpa, Naropa, Mila Raspa and Tilopa. Temple walls are decorated with the images of Lord Buddha and also with the images of people who were associated with the Red Hat sect. Serzang manuscript copy of the sacred Tibetan Buddhist Canon that has been written in copper, gold and silver letters have been preserved by the temple authority. People in large numbers visit this shrine all around the year to seek lord’s blessings, but this temple holds special importance amongst the people who belong to Buddhist religion.

Activities: A place of interest for religiously inclined visitors, Serzang Temple also attracts the attention of people who love photography. From the month of June till October, a visit to this temple can be marked easily because the weather remains within comfortable ranges.

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