Matho Monastery,

Matho Monastery

Location: Matho Monastery is located in Matho village, at a distance of around 26 km in south-east of Leh city in Ladakh on the banks of the Indus river. This monastery is on the opposite side of the Thikse Monastery.

Description: Matho monastery is also known as “Matho Gompa or Mangtro Gompa”. The Matho Gompa Monastery was founded by the great Lama Dugpa Dorje during 16th century. There are four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Sakya, which means “Pale Earth”, is one of them.  Matho Monastery represents the Sakya section of Tibetan Buddhism. This newly constructed monastery is very attractive, with Buddha idol looking magnificent.  Matho Monastery consists of a great collection of the 400 years old Thangka. Thangka demonstrates an art of painting on cotton or a silk appliqué. There is hall in the Matho Monastery, known as Du-Khang, which was built in the year 2005 and it has various colorful paintings and a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha.

Activities: Oracle Matho Nagrang is a famous festival celebrated every year in Matho village. This festival is held on the 14th and 15th of every first month, as per the Tibetan calendar. Chhams, which is a form of sacred mask dance, is performed by resident lamas of Matho Monastery.

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